Giant in the water. It first appeared 20 years ago.

the biggest
animal In the world

“This is my 21st season with CAWW, and today’s two rides are in the top three, if not first! Today I saw him for the first time the blue whale“This whale is not common in our waters at all. I think the last time we heard from it was over 20 years ago,” a representative for Cape Ann Wale Watch, the cruise’s organizer, wrote on social media. “Our guide was in tears and could barely speak, and the trainees were also in tears,” the ship’s owner admitted.

The blue whale was circling off the northern coast of Massachusetts. About 30 minutes“Boats passed each other, people waved, and cheered. One animal created an extraordinary sense of community,” Gloucester resident Tina McMahon Foley commented on Facebook.

the blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus) is the largest animal that ever lived on Earth. Its body length reaches 32.6 metres and over 150 tonnesIts tongue alone weighs 2.7 tons! Newborns are 6-7 meters long and weigh 2-3 tons. Some say it was the largest animal in history. Giant of Peru (Perucetus Colossus), but doubts have recently arisen about this.

Controversy over the “Peru Statue”. Body density is incorrect

Netizens write: “Blue whale is on my bucket list.”

Source: ZET Radio, Cape Ann Whale Watching

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