Ghostwire: Tokyo Preludium for free on PS4 and PS5;  The game will also hit the PC
March 1, 2022, 21:21

Ghostwire: Tokyo – Preludium is released today, the free story introduction to the upcoming Ghostwire game: Tokyo, on PS4 and PS5. The title will also appear on your computer in the future.

the first show Ghost Wire: Tokyo Fast approaching (coming out March 25th on PC and PS5). On this occasion, the creators of the title from studio Tango Gameworks decided to prepare a little “teaser” for us. It has appeared in the PS Store Ghostwire: Tokyo – PreludeumWhich, as the name implies, is a precursor to the events presented in the main production. The game is available for free on PS4 and PS5.

Ghostwire: Tokyo – Preludium on PS Store

If you don’t have any of these controllers, don’t worry. Production will come March 8 on PC.

at Ghostwire: Tokyo – Preludeum We will join a group of paranormal investigators led by CC. The team investigates mysterious disappearances, and as they investigate, they discover that it’s more complicated than it seems. Everything was presented in the form of a visual novel.

  1. Tango Gameworks website
  2. Ghostwire: The site of Tokyo

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