Waży się przyszłość rafinerii PCK w Schwedt (fot. Christian Ender/Getty Images)

German economic newspaper Handelsblatt revealed that Rosneft, which owns the majority of shares in the PCK refinery in Schwedt, may soon be expropriated. At the same time, he maintains that this is the result of pressure from Warsaw.

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By decision of the German government in January next year, oil supplies from Russia will stop. The article assessed that it is the fuel from this country that goes to the refinery in Schwedt, which is a “real challenge” for the company. The authors point out that the German government has been trying to find a solution in Warsaw for months.

DW notes that the problem is that the majority shareholder in PCK is still a German subsidiary of Russia’s Rosneft. in September Berlin Rosneft Deutschland took over receivership and The Russians no longer had direct influence on the Polish Red Cross.

Rosneft Deutschland as Gazprom?

Despite this, Handelsblatt reveals, such a solution is not enough for the Polish government. According to these sources, Warsaw wants to completely expel Rosneft from the Polish Red Cross. “The German government has the means to do this,” the daily wrote. He can legally confiscate Rosneft Deutschland, as he has already done with the German subsidiary of the Russian concern Gazprombut this could be met with retaliation from Russia, as the authors analyze.

Handelsblatt also reports on the “constructive” talks that took place last week in Poland and Germany. However, the Polish side made it clear that its position has not changed, the newspaper reported. The decision will be made this week, which was also confirmed by the Ministry of Economics in Berlin.

“The trusteeship of Rosneft Deutschland ends in March. In theory, it could be extended, but the Economy Ministry has already made it clear that trusteeship is not a permanent solution. It is possible that Poland will agree to extradition via Gdansk from January, Rosneft Deutschland will be confiscated after March– quotes an article by Deutsche Welle.

The newspaper also drew attention to the importance of the refinery in Schwedt for the supply of gasoline, diesel oil and kerosene to northeastern Germany, including the capital’s airport, and western Poland.


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