February 1, 2023


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Germany: Investigation against Lukashenko in the case of migrant smuggling

Germany: Investigation against Lukashenko in the case of migrant smuggling

German services report an increase in the number of immigrants coming to Germany from Belarus – last Friday alone there were 291 attempts to cross the Polish-German border illegally. The newspaper said that most of them are young men, and most of them are from Iraq and Syria.

The balance sheet of the Federal Police shows that nearly 4,000 people have arrived from Belarus to Germany since August. immigrants. Only in the first week of October, there were 1183 of them and this trend is still growing.

“It is clear to the German authorities: it is about blackmailing Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenka, with the aim of lifting sanctions against Belarus by smuggling people into Europe. The German authorities are currently investigating Lukashenka as the organizer of this smuggling,” Bild said.

“Migrants start their journey to Germany at the airports of Baghdad (Iraq), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Beirut (Lebanon), Amman (Jordan), Istanbul (Turkey) and from mid-September 2021 also in Damascus (Syria). With Belarusian student visas.

After they arrive in Minsk, local border guards or the police transport them to the border area with Poland, to places that are not guarded by Polish border guards. After entering the territory of the European Union, the migrants head to Germany” – this is how “Bild” describes this practice.
According to the newspaper, migrants have to pay up to 4,000 euros for this “organised smuggling by the Belarusian state”.

The Transitional Center for Immigrants in Eisenhuitenstadt (Brandenburg) was filled in succession, and additional places are still organized there (including tents and heated containers). German authorities are also concerned about migrants from centers in Greece, who have also chosen Germany as their target – more than 33,000. Asylum applications are currently pending at the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF).

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