Germany discusses withdrawing benefits from Ukrainians.  “They do not defend their country and do not work.”

In the fall of 2023, a job fair for refugees from Ukraine was held in Germany, but only a quarter of them started working. The citizenship allowance, which is equivalent to unemployment benefit, is currently €563 per month for individuals and €506 for people in an official relationship. Deutsche Welle points out that although it is not usually available to asylum seekers, it covers Ukrainian refugees.

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The German press supports the demand to end the payment of benefits to Ukrainian men. “There is no doubt that abused Ukraine deserves all support in its fight for survival,” Munchnermerkur wrote. But our brave defenders and local taxpayers will not be helped by the fact that Ukrainians who are able to defend themselves and work are fleeing to Germany and are not defending their homeland and not working in our country.Because our support is higher than our profits in the labor market.

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