Germany: 16 deaths from the Corona virus in a nursing home in Brandenburg

In the past week, 12 victims of the virus have been reported. The new victims of Covid-19 are two women, aged 63 and 90, and two men, aged 81 and 98.

85 per cent of inmates have been vaccinated against Covid-19, but only half of nursing home workers have been vaccinated, and twelve of them remain in home quarantine. Staff have been tested daily since the outbreak began.

“There is panic and terror,” said a spokesman for the Schorfaide municipality where the nursing home is located, Ulf Kaempfe.

The municipality is in constant contact with the residents of the facility, for example when someone celebrates their 100th birthday. However, since the nursing home is no longer run by the municipality, the number of connections has decreased. Mayor Wilhelm Westerkamp has called for compulsory vaccinations for nursing staff.

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