Gerard Romero: Inigo Martinez has already signed a contract with Barcelona!  Gündoğan does not accept the condition in case of registration problems [Aktualizacja 23:20] ›

According to Gerard Romero on his Twich channel, Athletic’s Inigo Martínez has already signed a contract with Barcelona, ​​which includes a clause in case of registration problems. Basque will be able to leave on loan at the fee he negotiated with Barcelona.

Gerard Romero confirms: “Inigo Martínez will be a collet!” According to the journalist, the central defender of Athletic, who contracted with him Los Liones It expires in June 2023, and he has already signed a contract with FC Barcelona, ​​which includes a clause in the event of problems with the player’s registration for the team. if Blograna He will not be able to enter Basque in the competition, he will be allowed to leave on loan, receiving the same salary he negotiated. Catalan pride.

And according to Romero, the arrival of Iñigo Martínez is a personal request from the coaching staff. The 31-year-old has been linked to Barcelona for several years and is set to arrive at the club in just a few months’ time in a veteran defensive role. This, in turn, may raise doubts about the future in Andreas Christensen’s club, where Barcelona can make big profits, but Romero did not provide any information about this. Javi Miguel z likeBut he confirms that the Dane will 100% stay in Barcelona.

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23:20 Gerard Romero: Barcelona will already have a closed deal with Ilkay Gundogan, but the German, in turn, has not yet accepted the clause that Inigo Martinez agreed to.

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