Georgina Rodriguez flaunts her flat stomach during a family vacation with Cristiano Ronaldo (photo)

in April Cristiano Ronaldo And the Georgina Rodriguez They became parents again. However, the day of their daughter’s birth was not as happy as they might wish. Although the girl was born healthy and healthy, her A twin brother died during childbirth. The death of the player and his partner received widespread consolation in the media.

However, the couple tries to live and focus on the rest of the offspring: the 12-year-old Cristiano Jrtwins Matthew And the Evie MariaAnd the Alan Martin And the youngest Bella Esmeralda. Currently, the seven are charging their batteries, swimming On the sunny beaches of Mallorca.

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sweetheart Ronaldo I decided to share with the Instagram community With some vacation shots. So on Thursday I posted photos taken on the Spanish island. We see not only family photos, but their photos as well Photograph. Georgina presents a beautiful face, beautiful breasts and an eye-catching breast Flat belly.

Although the 28-year-old still had two babies under her heart for two months, there is no trace of the pregnancy curves. Rodriguez has never hidden the fact that she is a fan of physical activity and has regularly reported doing intense exercise in the gym during the breaks between pregnancies.

Are you impressed with how quickly she recovers?

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“Have a daughter”? She gave birth to two children, but one of them died.. When a child dies, it does not mean canceling the birth.. As usual, a level article.

There is something strange in this family.

This woman chose the life of a rich boyfriend’s babysitter. Watch the series about her. drama.

Idle people, especially him, buy children like potatoes in the bazaar.

It’s a birthing machine for him. Show me at least one picture where he’s looking at it

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Only Ronaldo cares about the eldest son she is jealous of, she only cares about her children and those who are jointly adopted and the eldest son may not exist for her and she is a terrible woman

I will go to Ukraine

He’s weird, like Michael Jackson, and you’d do anything to live for his money.

To this day, she thanks God she got a job at this store. Without Ronaldo, there would be no Gucci, diamonds and liposuction: D

What a belly because of pregnancy with twins? Seriously did not stretch the skin

This is not what the belly does not look like two months after birth..

She was going to try to be overweight – press on a flat stomach 15 minutes after giving birth.

I feel sorry for this newborn, he lost his twin and the nurses are looking after him. Such a start in life is such an insurmountable shock, I wish I was wrong. Patients collect these poor children.

Why don’t girls who support abortion but want the right to free sex start having gay sex or using dildos? More pleasure than men, no risks of pregnancy and less risk of sexually transmitted diseases

But he has two chins. At such a young age

The design is very simple. He is a big celebrity. She is his “wife”. You will use and shine because it plays the way you want

I’m going to Czechoslovakia

I’m going to Czechoslovakia

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