Georgina Rodriguez covered her head.  He declares his love for Saudi Arabia

Georgina Rodriguez For more than a dozen months or so, he has been running an aggressive campaign promoting himself to become a global superstar. She even won a Netflix documentary about her, which is undoubtedly quite an achievement, considering that her biggest hit to date was Chasing the Heart of the King of Archers, Cristiano Ronaldo. She recently moved in with her sweetheart, Georgina Saudi Arabia. Fans are now concerned that the celebrity is having some trouble adjusting. As her recent interview proves, the Hispanic beauty is struggling Major problems communicating with the “locals”.

Georgina appeared at the ceremony on Sunday Joy Awards It was organized in the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. She also made a symbolic bow to the Arab world. Despite the bold neckline, Her shoulders and head were covered with a robe that matched her ink dress. In front of the camera lenses, the 28-year-old appeared like a real lioness. The problem only arose when a reporter took her in for questioning in English.

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The video of the short conversation went to TikTok. Of course, fans in the comments expressed their delight at Georgina’s beauty, while sympathizing with her nervousness, which was clearly shown here. Favorite Ronaldo I barely uttered a few wordsThen she said she had to go. But the reporter did not give up and stubbornly continued to talk.

I am very happy to be here. My family is very happy. We get so much love from everyone here. I have to go. (…) I love Saudi Arabia. It’s a wonderful country Georgina announced during an awkward exchange.

Do you think that in time Georgina will find herself in her new world?

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It looks very nice. She is very gracious and always holds her head, perhaps for years of ballet. Needless to say, she always wears it with pride.

🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦 …

34 minutes ago

Do you know the word not cool? You don’t even know what they mean

She is a simple girl from a simple and poor family, so I don’t know what you need. She’s already accomplished a lot where I started and I’m not talking about her relationship with Chris. She started by cleaning in some small houses in her village and then worked in a tavern in this place. There she was noticed by a major hotelier in Madrid and offered a job. She decided to go to the big city on her own, without financial support, because she wanted to achieve something more than her parents. I worked at the front desk for several years, rented a small apartment with an unknown roommate and later had access to a Gucci store (thanks to the hotel owner’s very good references) where both money and expectations were greater. It seems to me that a girl from a small village, a poor family, after high school, has accomplished a lot with hard work and dedication. She doesn’t know English very well but goes along and compliments her because she doesn’t have to do anything right now because she has so much money.

Stop promoting this to nobody!!!

Terribly spoiled, she looks thirty-five years old.

latest comments (45)

She will say everything they tell her and for the sake of money she will jump into the fire… a doll

In Saudi Arabia, gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people are treated as criminals. It’s a shame that Ronaldo and his wife want to have anything to do with these countries.

The dress is beautiful, the color matches her, and those diamonds…

And you get a Lewa for that English like Georgina…

Because he doesn’t know English more than a few sentences

For the pilgrims of man, they have no ball, except that, no one.

Meant to play, not to knock English!

Compare us with her. Georgina as a goddess.

Does the author of modern texts know of any other verb than “briluje”? If so, great.

Fun to spend all of Ronald’s cry?!

But elegance and sophistication 👏👍

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