June 5, 2023


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Georgia.  Crowds in the streets of Tbilisi.  The fate of the country's candidacy to join the European Union remains important.  'We count on Poland's support' |  world News

Georgia. Crowds in the streets of Tbilisi. The fate of the country’s candidacy to join the European Union remains important. ‘We count on Poland’s support’ | world News

The demonstrators took to the streets of Tbilisi under the slogan “Home to Europe”. The Georgians meeting in the Rustaveli Bulletin appealed to the European Commission to change its mind and recommend grants Georgia Candidate status – as you did in issue Ukraine and Moldova.

“We have secured Europe more than anyone else,” the protesters wrote in a private statement. “Now that the most important step on our European path is approaching, we hope you will also believe in us” – they emphasized.

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Some participants in the street activism blamed the restraint imposed by the European Commission on the Georgian authorities, who in recent years have been criticized for violating civil rights, including: media freedom, transparency of electoral processes, and respect for the rights of citizens. opposition.

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Georgian President: We count on backing the road to Europe

European Commission Last week, it issued a positive opinion on granting Ukraine the status of a candidate country to join the European Union. This status is the first step on the path to membership in the community. The final decision on this matter rests with the Member States. European leaders are expected to discuss this at the Brussels summit, which begins on Thursday.

The Commission also recommended the status of the candidate country for Moldova. On the other hand, in the case of Georgia, I concluded that in So far It is too early to do so, because necessary reforms are necessary first.

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Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili on Monday appealed to European leaders to support the country’s integration into society. The first appeals, which I published on Twitter, were directed to the President of Poland, Andrew bagpipe.

Georgia and Poland are linked by a common tragic past, the past of occupation, and separation from the European family. At the moment, we count, as always, on the support, solidarity and fraternity of Poland that will support our path to Europe – she said.


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