George Lucas defends Star Wars prequels and points out Disney productions

The father of the Star Wars franchise spoke again about the Star Wars prequels. The legendary creator shared his original feelings and assumptions.

Star Wars is one of the most famous and biggest franchises out there. Over the past few years, the series has been very actively used by Disney, which bought Lucasfilm less than 12 years ago. George Lucas recently spoke again about the films he created.

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Many people have a very negative opinion about the prequel trilogy. This is mainly due to the story told and the presence of some characters. Many people think it is a very childish story and does not offer much for older viewers. Lucas maintains that the series was always aimed at a younger audience.

Star Wars is a movie for 12 year olds going through puberty. For kids who don’t know what to do and ask themselves the all important questions: “What should I worry about? What’s important in life?” Star Wars addresses these issues. They are hidden there, but if you are young, you will definitely understand it.

Lucas also reminds us of characters that viewers considered too childish. Jar Jar Binks was the most critical. However, the director points out that a similar situation occurred in the original trilogy.

Everyone said the same thing about 3PO, he’s annoying and we should get rid of him. When I did the third movie (Return of the Jedi), it was about the Ewoks. Then people said, “These are teddy bears. It’s a children’s movie, and we don’t want to watch a children’s movie.” “It’s a kids’ movie. It’s always been a kids’ movie,” I replied.

George Lucas also commented on the Disney trilogy. But this time it is difficult to defend the films.

You were the only person who really knew what Star Wars was…the only person who really knew this world. For example, no one understood the Force. When the business started after I sold the company, many of the ideas that were originally there were lost. But that’s the way it is. Some ideas are simply abandoned and disappear.

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