Genetic signed with Fornier Universal

Genetic Fournier, this cubester who recently won the competition Canada has talentHas signed a record deal with Universal, the country’s largest record label.

Released at 2:30 p.m.

Pierre-Mark Thurvej

Pierre-Mark Thurvej

The singer from Saguenay really surprised the judges of the competition with his breathtaking vocal performances. This scene must have happened Queen won the championship for the 2022 season.

Kubeser captivated the audience by exposing some snippets of his personal life – we especially saw him singing to patients he encounters daily in his work as a beneficiary in immunotherapy.

In a statement, Universal says it wants to support the singer’s journey with the goal of releasing new songs later this year. It will be held throughout Quebec from July 16 in Quebec, with performances taking place in Quebec City on July 22 and August 27, in Quebec City on July 30 and August 27, in Proscat on July 31 and in Catinau on September 17.

Celine Dion’s big fan, Jeanne Fornier learned English by listening to her favorite singer, but followed in the footsteps of Whitney Houston, Laura Fabian and Barbara Streisand. The Saguenéenne artist sang as a couple for 15 years as a tribute to Celine Dion.

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