The lights did not light up

37 has no clear leadere Betting for the Gemini Awards, the two best series are each linked with 13 quotes.

Released at 8:05 last night.

This That’s how I love you2 And d ‘Audrey came backTwo super original productions, its media businesses were launched on paid platforms before passing on to traditional TV (eventually).

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Inside Florence Longbray Audrey came back. In addition to starring in the lead role, he co-wrote the series with actress Guilloom Lambert.

The sheer amount of good TV that qualifies – one of the best vintages of a very long time – excludes the series from the easily breakable Honor Roll. Top 5 In a quiet year, so to speak. Before the Cream of Showbiz, the release of the finalists caused some good surprises, but many disappointments for those excluded from the gala on September 18, heated by Veronica Clutter. Lotto-Meno.

In the valuable and difficult section of the drama series, Bell Media dominates with three of the five finalists: The Thriller One way ticket (Nuvo), sports drama Turning (Nuvo) and detective thrillers A criminal case (Longing). This is unheard of for Bell Media, which now plays in the same AAA league as Radio-Canada and TVA.

That’s how I love you And Raspberry Time Complete the lead five. Were excluded from this desirable category Red wrists, Get me out of here, Portrait-robot, Wildlife Guide, Then, Disability 2, Project B 3, Reasonable doubt, The man he loved the most And Sleepless night. It gives an idea of ​​the outrage of the competition that exists there.

This past year has been strong and prosperous in high quality TV series. In between my heart oscillates One way ticket And That’s how I love youOption for Feminine Coats of Sainte-Foy.

Project b, Red wrists, Reasonable doubt, Then And Wildlife Guide However, it is more deserving than crumbs. Confusion And A family bondTwo very average titles, and surprisingly collected footage.

In humor, Happiness Not selected by the François Award Brotherhood, Opposite offer, Blue House3 And Neither do I.. So it will be played in between Audrey came back, Friends, Without meeting, Eye of the storm2 And She survives her children. Here is the key overview: The lion As can be seen, by Fabian Clutter, who was unjustly ignored by the Academy. Exceeding the lion She survives her children. Prediction: This is in the pocket Audrey came back.

Again, nothing 5e Ranking In soap operas. Apparently. There will be fights between District 31, For life, We are, Parted And Perfect moments. No choice here Blue time And Another story. District 31 Will win at the last moment.

For another vague reason, there are no actors or actresses District 31 Observed in the main characters of soap operas. Among the men, surprisingly, from three actorsWarnings (Danny Gilmore, Frederick Pierre and Guy Jodoin) as well as Roy Dubois (For life) And Emily Brooks-Glutier (Perfect moments) Will compete for the trophy. Email Brooks-Clutier Thanks for the microphone, I think.

On the women’s side, two young actresses from a soap opera We are (Club Illico) were drafted, i.e. Marianne Fordier and Letidia Isambert. They will face the experienced Chandel Fontaine (Parted), Sophie Present (Warnings) And Marina Orsini (Another story) For the very moving last moments of Animon Leduk, Marina Orsini catches the statue.

Vincent Leklerk shone twice as a playwright for his participation Project B 3 And Get me out of here. His enemies? Luke Picard (One way ticket), Edison Ruiz (Francisco in Raspberry Time) And Steve Laplande (Then) Notables: From Patrice Robitaille and François Létourneau That’s how I love you. My vote goes to Luke Picard.

Still in play, it is very difficult to decide between Marilyn Costongue (That’s how I love you), Sandrine Bison (Raspberry Time), Anne-Elizabeth Bose (Project b), Celine Ponier (A criminal case) And Martin Franke (Gabriel Roy’s World) My preference: Hugh Teleslin’s Devils I.

Among comic women, two major artistsAudrey came back (Florence Longpré and Josée Deschênes) Eclipse 2021 winner Christine Beaulieu The eye of the storm ? Melissa Desormeaux-Poulin (She survives her children) And Rachel Groton (A family bond) Close the stage. Gemini will go to Florence Longbreak.

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Denise Bouchard and Josie Desense Audrey came back

Academy Comedians Denise Bouchard (Audrey came back), கை நாடன் (Blue House), Michael Charrett (Happiness), Alexis Martin (Friends) And Mani Solimanlu (She survives her children) Judgment: Denise Bouchard, for the nuances and realism he plays.

No. If we loved each otherOfLove Island Or Big Brother Celebrities In reality shows, but a battle between Wooden heads, Love is in the meadow, In the eye of the dragonDaily Star Academy And OD in the west. Comedy Between two sheets Recorded in the comedy series, where he measures himself Club Chloe, Punch Club, Infoman And Laugh without interruptions.

An achievement, completed. In addition to his appointment ThenActor Steve Laplande has added three more for his supporting roles The lion, That’s how I love you And Forever, not a day. This talent that manifests itself in a variety of recordings is interesting.

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