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Completion of the A1, new kilometers of Via Baltica or other parts of the S7 motorway from the capital towards Tri-City – these are some of the road investments planned this year. GDDKiA intends to operate a total of over 345 km of roads.

Highways in Poland. Important confirmation from Minister Adamczyk

In Poland, there will be no payment for motorways for passenger cars, Infrastructure Minister Andrzej Adamczyk said Thursday. He said…

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Thomas Chuchowski, Acting Director General of National Roads and Highways, announced that in 2022, drivers will have several hundred kilometers of new roads at their disposal.

These are major investments that will allow the closing and completion of important roads and road connections. This includes the last segment of the A1, from Piotrków Trybunalski to Kamieńsk, which will complete the north-south motorway connection. Thanks to this, we will take the A1 motorway from the vicinity of Gdansk to the border with the Czech Republic in about five hours with a break to rest.

It would be easiest to travel on the S7 motorway from the capital towards Tri-City. Recently, sections have been operated from Mława to Pieniek, and in 2022 two more sections will be made available: Napierki – Mława and Pieńki – Płońsk.

Those leaving Warsaw via the S7 motorway to the south will also get two sections: Warsaw Airport – Lisznoola and Lisznoola – Tarczyn North. This means that S7 express drivers will be able to travel from Warsaw to the district border. Świętokrzyskie and Małopolskie. In turn, in the province. In Malopolska, the tunnel will connect the operating sections of the S7 between Lubień and Rabka Zdrój.

The first three-lane section of A1 was put into use. 2021 is a record year

We are delivering the first section of the motorway in Poland with three lanes in each direction early – Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said Thursday…

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more kilometers

2022 is also the time to close the fast connection between Lublin and Rzeszów. Via Carpatia in Poland will be extended by more than 28 kilometres, and travelers from the north of the country to the Bieszczady Mountains will have a comfortable connection thanks to the two S19 sections that are being opened: Niedrzwica Duży – Kraśnik and Zdziary – Rudnik nad Sanim.

Also this year, we can count on more kilometers from the Via Baltica. New episodes of S61 will appear in the county. Podlaskie and Warmińsko-Mazurskie, to expand the existing list. The section Łomża Południe – Łomża Zachód with exit to DK61 and Szczuczyn – Ełk Południe and the section from the end of the Suwałki Pass to the border with Lithuania at Budzisko will be in full swing.

The A1 motorway in Nowe Marzy will be connected with Bydgoszcz, Pozna and Wrocław via the S5 motorway. GDDKiA will also make it easier to avoid the busy path of bypassing the Tri-City outside of Wejherowo, opening three sections of the S6, Bożepole Wielkie – Gdynia Wielki Kack. Drivers will also use the new road on the first of four sections of the A18. The western corridor section of لودód will be expanded along S14, the eastern corridor of Warsaw along the S17, and works will be completed on the border section of S3 Kamienna Góra – Lubawka.

GDDKiA plans to complete more than 345 kilometers of new roads in total

About 46 km of highways:

– A1 Piotrków Trybunalski Południe – Kamieńsk (24.2 km),
– A18 – more than 2 km behind the Żary West junction towards Wroclaw to about 4 km before the Iłowa junction (21.9 km).

About 253 km of highways:

– S3 extension of Kijewo Junction (1.7 km),
– S3 Kamienna Góra North – Lubawka (state border) (15.3 km),
– S5 Nowe Marzy – Świecie Południe (23.3 km),
– S5 Świecie Południe – Bydgoszcz North (22.4 km),
– S6 Bożepole Wielkie – Luzino (10.4 km),
– S6 Luzino – Szemud (10.3 km),
– S6 Szemud – Gdynia Wielki Kack (20.2 km),
– S7 Napierki – Mława (14 km),
– S7 Pieki – Płońsk (13.8 km),
– S7 Warsaw-Lisznoola Airport (6.5 km),
– S7 Lesznowola – Tarczyn North (14.8 km),
– S7 Naprawa – Skomielna Biaa (3.1 km),
– S14 Łódź Lublinek – ódź Teofilów (12.2 km),
– S17 Warsaw East – Lubelska (2.5 km),
– S19 Niedrzwica Duży – Kraśnik (20 km),
– S19 Zdziary – Rudnik nad Sanem (8.2 km),
– S61 omża South – omża West (7.2 km),
– S61 Szczuczyn – Ełk Południe (23.3 km),
– S61 end of Suwałki – Budzisko Circuit with Circuit Szypliszek (24.2 km).

About 46 km of other national roads:

– DK9 Iłża Bypass (7.2 km),
– DK15 Beltway from Nowe Miasto Lubawskie (17.7 km),
– overtaking the DK35 in Wałbrzych (1.1 km),
– DK40 bypass Kędzierzyn-Koźle (second stage) (14.3 km),
– DK51 bypass Smolani (1.8 km),
– DK73 Kielce – the town of Brzeziny / Morawica (4.2 km).

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