May 28, 2023


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Gavi was causing trouble in the Spanish national team’s training camp. concerned personnel

Sergio Santos and Alfredo Mattella of report that members of the Spain national team staff are concerned about Jaffe’s recent behavior in the national team’s training camp.

The Barcelona graduate is without a doubt one of the most promising young players in the world.

The recent events related to his being denied the opportunity to be a full member of the first team of the “pride of Catalonia”, due to the withdrawal of the court order to register his contract with LaLiga, have had a negative impact on General. welfare.

The 18-year-old expressed this several times during the recent gathering of the Spanish national team, causing concern among the team members.

First, in one of the first workouts, he showed some very steep climbs. This was met with a firm reaction from captain Álvaro Morata, who recommended his younger teammate to play more carefully, as his aggressive attitude could lead to injury.

Gavi paid little attention to the remarks made to him and refused to participate in the usual autograph signing event after class, citing that he was having a headache.

Because of this, he was replaced by another actor. In total, Dani Olmo, Rodri and Jose Gaia appeared at the meeting with the fans. All three reacted very nervously to the midfielder’s behavior and somehow forced him to go out to the fans on his own, which is confirmed by the video materials published by the federation itself.

The educational problems did not end there, because the 18-year-old did not like being placed on the wing by coach Luis de la Fuente for the match against Norway (3: 0), which he openly said in the match. Interview with the media.

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The goalkeeper of “La Furia Roja” could not be indifferent to such behavior of the charge and, as a way to moderate his aspirations, put him on the bench in the losing match with Scotland (0: 2), leaving him on the field. Just in the last minutes of the match.

Federation representatives hoped that, on the occasion of the upcoming training camp, Gavi would show greater openness towards his colleagues from the national team and obey the decisions made by the coach. Otherwise, he may be denied the opportunity to play for the national team, led by de la Fuente.