Gas.  The European Union organized a tender for joint procurement.  Offers greater than demand reports on the issue and refers to the Vice-President of the European Commission, who announced the results of the first tender for joint procurement of companies from the European Union and the European Energy Group. – This is nothing more than an extraordinary success – Marosz Szefczovicz’s assessment, citing the portal.

Great interest from suppliers

In the bid, 25 companies submitted bids. They offered 13.4 billion cubic meters. Gas. While the demand submitted by customers amounted to 11.6 billion cubic meters. This means that supply of suppliers exceeds demand of customers.

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And most importantly, only “trusted” suppliers can participate in the bid. This excludes companies from Russia And it belonged to Moscow, as well as the one that offered Russian gas.

Only “trusted” suppliers can participate in the procedure. That is, suppliers from Russia and Russian-owned, who also supply Russian gas, were excluded.

Europe success

Joint gas purchases were introduced in the European Union in response to the energy crisis, Because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. All member states can participate. The following tenders will be held after further determination of the aggregate demand of the EU countries. These arrangements are planned for June, August, October and December 2023. To date, 107 companies have applied to participate in joint gas purchases.

After last year’s experience, EU countries are buying gas early. At the start of May, gas storage facilities in Europe were nearly 60% full, much higher than normal for this time of year, according to data from Gas Infrastructure Europe. Data compiled by Bloomberg indicates this In April, a record amount of LNG was imported to our continent – 10.6 million tons.

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