Games without translation in Polish, which is still worth getting to know

Publishers sometimes make strange and incomprehensible decisions. Someone might ignore some markets without offering their players the possibility to check the position in their mother tongue. Just preparing translations does not represent a high cost for companies, yet it happens that products without Polish sites land on the shelves of Polish stores in online markets.

Below we’ve decided to pick ten titles worth recognizing, despite the lack of subtitles for them. In addition, it is worth noting that many of these games contain fan polishers that can only be downloaded for the PC version. We put a mark next to the respective products.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The list will open with the success of Nintendo, although in fact we can put almost every game from this publisher here – the Japanese company is famous for the fact that it can make very interesting titles, but it reached our market without an original translation. In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild we go to the kingdom of Hyrule, where we do a lot of activity. What sets this production apart is the fact that we aren’t led by developers by hand for a moment. Freedom of Action is Zelda’s middle name.

Resident Evil Village

The hype around Resident Evil Village in Poland has been huge. And not because it was the first release of the brand also created for the current generation, ie the PS5 and XSX | S, but because for 25 years it was the first part of the series that did not even receive a Polish translation. It’s a pity, because Resident Evil is definitely one of the best, if not the best, survival horror movies available on the market.

A fan crack has been published for the game, available to owners of the PC version.

The Walking Dead series

Created by Telltale Games, they now have the opportunity to recreate perfect adventure games for a maximum of two or three evenings. They did not go wrong with a lot of amazing mechanics and graphics, because the main focus was on QTE sequences and choices that affect the fate of the heroes and the world. Among all the games of this company, the best one can be distinguished is the series The Walking Dead, which focuses on the difficult journeys of Clementine.

A fan crack has been released in all four seasons of The Walking Dead.

Final Fantasy VII Intergrade Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is just a modified version. In 2020, the developers decided to release the remake from 1997, and then prepared a special edition for PS5 consoles, adding an expansion to the story at the same time. Thus, in addition to the main story focusing on Cloud and his team trying to stop Shinra, we can check out a short story about Yuff, which also challenges the company. It’s worth noting that the bundle is available in a PS Plus Extra subscription.

Dark Images: Ash House

Behind the anthology of The Dark Pictures are people known to fans until dawn. And while the first parts of the new franchise weren’t very good, The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes made a lot of headway, and with good reason it’s the best part of the series so far. We play as five heroes and go to the ruins where there is an ancient evil. We follow the story from the perspective of American and Islamist soldiers and it is up to us only which of them will come out alive from underground.

Rice Ibn Rum

Ryse: Son of Rome once demonstrated the great potential of the Xbox One. The production was designed by Crytek (the creators of Crysis), which means that it will stand out for its graphic design. It happened, because even today the adventure of the “Son of Rome”, who leads his legions and tries to kill the barbarians, looks great. And no bad word can be said about the brutal fighting system.

Los Angeles Noir

LA Noire was created in a big mess, but in the end Team Bondi in collaboration with Rockstar Games was able to bring a solid production to market. We control Colonel Phelps, who is advancing through the professional police ranks, solving dozens of cases at the same time. At one point, he encounters a serial killer who takes the lives of women in a rather unusual way. It depends on our interrogations and our decisions as to whether we are going after the perpetrator. In addition, sometimes we also have to deal with our partners who are not exactly what we think.

A fan crack has been published for the game, available to owners of the PC version.

Special Operations: The Line

Spec Ops: The Line definitely didn’t get the attention it deserved about the launch, which was a mistake as the Yager shooter turned out to be a huge, understated hit. The creators took us to Dubai, where Martin Walker and his team are trying to find and evacuate Colonel John Conrad. With every hour we spend in the UAE, things start to get complicated and we players have to answer a question about what we’re actually doing here.

A fan crack has been published for the game, available to owners of the PC version.

This is the police

The list will end with a rather quiet strategic title, This is the police. We control Jack Boyd, who must serve in the police for another 180 days after which he is able to retire. However, the last six months of his life turned into a nightmare as he began to get to know the criminal gangs better and better. It depends only on us whether the protagonist will survive the “vacation” dream.

A fan crack has been published for the game, available to owners of the PC version.

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