Gamers taunted The Last of Us Part 1 on PC with lists of bugs and glitches.  The developers have released 2 patches

As Naughty Dog fights the bugs in the reimagined first story of Joel and Ellie, customers try to play the game, systematically encountering more glitches that encourage them to voice their dissatisfaction and create videos. The title is experiencing specific difficulties.

The Last of Us Part 1 still has “mostly negative” reviews on Steam, but the average rating is slowly moving in the right direction – already 39% of reviews on the Valve platform are positive. It is not known if the latest update has really helped significantly, but the studio has not lost its enthusiasm and released it last night Next update. developers They took care of the next installment of the shortcomings that prevent players from enjoying the post-apocalyptic adventure.

– reduce the size of the PSO cache to reduce memory requirements and reduce memory crashes,
– added additional diagnostics to be tracked by developers,
– memory boost in streaming animations to improve performance during gameplay and stories,
– Fixed a bug when starting the game for the first time.

Even before the update was released, the team responsible for the upgrade You are invited to an “unforgettable journey” Noting that the game is now available on PC. As you can guess, this approach became a flash point and generated a very negative response among followers. Fans confirm that they have been waiting for the production a lot, while its current state makes it completely impossible to play.

“An unforgettable ride – about game crashes, shader compilation times, ridiculous CPU usage, etc? Come on, this port must be amazing. I was so excited myself.”

“Don’t advertise a defective product. Stop it, ND has got to be better than that.”

“Maybe wait a while until the game is in good shape before asking people to buy it, especially on Steam, because you assured me it would be playable there.”

As a result, some of the community shares funny videos and screenshots that show the problems of the first part of The Last of Us in all their glory.

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