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Game prizes or game ads?  Gaming's biggest event has an identity problem

Game prizes or game ads? Gaming’s biggest event has an identity problem

Dec 11, 2022, 1:50 p.m

The Game Awards 2022 is behind us. One man would like to say he’s happy with the winners, he loves the trailers on offer, and he’s flattered by the exact release dates. Unfortunately, it is not possible. Because he is tired and disappointed with the idea of ​​the party itself.

Three and a half hours in front of a screen is an inhuman time an ordinary working tycoon can survive. It would be nice, however, if it was at least a satisfactory examination. Meanwhile, The Game Awards 2022 might have had it all — raucous trailers, cool winners, and intriguing guests. However, all this professionalism in execution is still far from impulsiveness and the desire to kill some birds with one stone. And I don’t like it.

For several years now I’ve been following this event with moderate enthusiasm and consistency every year, and it’s always treated me the same way – a great mix of various video material, commercials and spot-on speeches that aren’t too exciting and lead to the beat, but often a good listening concert. small (unshaken with RDR2 There was something in this scene. So I guess I have to get used to this mode of event management. However, it still breaks my blood when I see that the creators focus on presentation and capture at the expense of respecting the nominated developers present at the ceremony.

Aside from some fat categories like “Game of the Year” or “Best Director,” we didn’t have time to get to know the nominees and look at the winner’s feelings (which is a pity, because we’d like to see more scenes like Miyazaki’s affection with small statue in his hand). It is known that Jeff Kelly quickly reads from the list, in his opinion, the least important categories and … the least important winners? In this way, the best RPG and the best indie game did not smell the scenes, and the whole splendor and prestige was confined to a moment of applause heard somewhere in the background and ringing “congratulations”..

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Admittedly, the organizers came up with it very cleverly, because both are better RPGs – Elden ring – Plus Best Indie Game – stray – She won in other categories, so the representatives of these productions had the opportunity to say a few words, but this does not change the fact that with other results, such treatment of candidates is a demonstration of the absence of a class.

Sure, compared to the Oscars, which mostly consist of shoddy speeches and slapping and back-slapping of the film industry, the TGA at least has something extra to offer, it’s a more inclusive ceremony (streamed for free anyway), full of surprises and universal sympathy. However, I think he has a serious identity problem that he has not been able to overcome for a long time. Because if the party is called Game Awards treat awards with carelessness, make viewers happy for everyone else, I’m sorry, but for me something is wrong. Call me a whiner and they ruin the fun, but I want more tears, more long thanks (thank you judge, for that monologue…), more applause for the people behind the work than I do for the just-released product trailer.

The right balance must be maintained – there is no need to extol boredom above cuteness. The TGA format is still so new and attracting more and more people from other fields that there is no reason to abandon it. However, some accents can be placed a little differently and at the same time still show the world a party to be pleased with.. Because I would like to spend three and a half hours in front of the screen in inhuman time for the average working Pole not only to be able to survive, but also to want to. And he jumped into bed feeling the experience of an experience that was not only intense, but also valuable.

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