Game or reality?  Ride 4 Conquer Online Gameplay •

Almost a year after the first show.

Ride 4 motorcycle game was released less than a year ago, but thanks to the material made available a few days ago, the production caught the attention of netizens.

It is about a gameplay posted by a YouTuber aka Joy of Gaming. The 4K video clip shows the race in first person perspective playing at the highest graphics settings and 60fps.

Internet users pay attention to the realism of production. I argue to many that playback in a recording is easy to confuse with reality. The impression is likely to be intense due to the aura of rainy weather and wet road. PushSquare . Service is signs However, the movie shows a replay, not the actual gameplay that you probably wouldn’t have achieved that level of graphics.

Video is very popular on the web. In less than a week of its publication, the material has been viewed more than 868,000 times. The gameplay and comment are widely shared on Reddit forum and other social networking sites.

Ride 4 was released in October last year on PC and consoles of the previous generation, and in January of this year it was released on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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