December 8, 2022


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Gala ComediHa !: First for Michel Courtemanche

Gala ComediHa !: First for Michel Courtemanche

For the first time in thirty years, Michel Courtemanche will be hosting a comedy show during ComediHa’s next presentation! Fest-Québec, in August, learned Newspaper, He also marks his return by dealing with a hot topic: Freedom of expression for comedians.

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“The theme came to me very quickly. I saw what was going on in the comedy, I wondered what we had the right to say, what I could not say anymore, today, on stage,” his last experience as a comedy gala starts from Just Time.

If it was up to Michel Courtemanche, comedians would not set limits.

“Thanks to Mike Ward for continuing his fight. If he loses, it’s almost over,” he says.

Nevertheless, he knows that not everything can be allowed in a gala that airs on television. That’s why the writers he surrounds himself with will help him write what he wants to say “it will pass”.

“There is a real debate within the team, opinions differ on what can be said and what can no longer be said. It depends on the sensitivity. Some are more sensitive in some matters, others less. I would say that freedom of expression is more demanding.

“Everyone is afraid of minorities, everyone is very cautious, he continues. I do not have it. Personally, I would go with very harsh words, but I have to trust the new generation.

No more stage fears

Anthony Kavanagh, Marie-Mai, Michel Charette, Laurent Paquin and Anne-Elisabeth Bossé and Guillaume Pineault will host the other five seasons.

To get rid of the stage fright that has crippled him for so long, Michael Courtmanch feels ready to host an exhibition that tells him to participate in four original numbers. He did not hesitate even before accepting the offer of the festival.

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An actual return to the stage was ruled out

“When [le président fondateur de ComediHa!] Sylvain Barent-Bedard called me at 7am to ask if I wanted to hold a gala, and I said “why not?” I replied. I think it’s going to be one of the first times I’ll have fun. “

For the comedian, on the other hand, there is no question of using a gala comedyha! As an incentive to actually return to the stage.

“Includes a show written by Daniel Briar where the visual comedians will take my number. It’s very close for me to tour again.”

The stars of Comedyha! Fest-Quebec 2022

The Comedy Gala! 2022 (at the Capitol Theater)

  • 12: Michael Gordmanch
  • 13: Anthony Kavanagh
  • 16: Mary-Maui
  • 17: Michael Charett
  • 18: Laurent Buckwin
  • 19: Anne-Elizabeth Bosse and Guillome Pynold

Well cooked comedyha! (Captol Theater)

  • 22: Normand Broadwhite, referee of Laurent Baku
  • 23: Referee by Michael Barrett, Gilder Roy
  • 24: Managed by Martin Matt, Fabian Clutter
  • 25: Referee Cathy Gauthier, Jean-François Mercier
  • Pre-sale for ComediHa subscribers today!
  • Comedyha-Fest! Quebec takes place from 3 to 27 August.