Gado Gado mentions himself.  And he wants your money

GG needs money. The current business model is not working, even roulette and being in Huawei AppGallery is not helping. What then? Of course a subscription.

The GG communication device has been in the hands of the new owner for 4 years. After returning to Poland, the app received a burst of news, including the ability to search for a profile without logging into GG, video calls in the browser, an English-language interface, conversations with companies, a strange notification center, a (really) widget store?) And a lot of other news. And imagine what? None of them made GG build a large enough user base to make money.

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GG is expensive old things

“The main difficulty in developing Messenger is that the technology with which the Gadu-Gadu communication device was developed years ago is unfortunately not the latest.
This is our biggest hurdle in the work we do for you,” owner GG wrote on the blog. Yes, antiques can be interesting. I have a wardrobe that is over 100 years old and really like some toys from the last century. However, starting A game to entertain one thing and another Developing an online connection with a code that remembers Donald Tusk’s government (Or who knows or not, Jerzy Buzek.) Fintecom Sp. z oo, who currently belongs to GG, admits to hitting his head against a wall.

To do it right, you need to invest a few million zlotys in maintaining the communication device. The planned novelties, including the e-wallet in the messenger and the expected video calls on mobile devices, require an “independent approach to each version of the messenger.” I suppose it’s a neat term referring to the fact that each version of the communication device (desktop, mobile, browser) is written differently. So Implementation of the new requires at least three times as much work as it should be. Not all things can be done. In addition, the owners of the general government were affected by high prices, inflation and the Polish system.

Users may get impatient, which means they will come across a competitive app. There’s no shortage of them – from Messenger to Signal, perhaps all the most popular messengers already have mobile video calling, end-to-end encryption and a lot of other bonuses: relationships, conference calls, voice messages, advanced privacy settings, and so on. GG roulette does not fit into the modern market.

Fintecom believes that GG still has a great future ahead, but is seriously threatened by a lack of funds.

GG Premium for five

Therefore, the messenger will be available in a different business model. Instead of everything for free, we will get the option to choose a Premium account. GG Premium will cost 4.90 PLN per month. When you buy 6 months, you get 1 month free, and if you pay 12 months up front, you get 3 months free.

The subscription will not renew automatically, which has its benefits. It will provide premium account among other things Rank high in general directory search results. In addition, it will be possible to send invitations and messages to people from the catalog and from roulette without restrictions. You will have room for up to 100 photos in your gallery, and the uploaded files will be available for 365 days instead of 90 days. Of course, there will not be a single advertisement in GG apps on all devices. Another bonus is the feeling of great satisfaction that comes from the support of the famous Polish caller. The GG Premium offer will start on March 14th, and the free version will remain unchanged.

In addition, Fintecom will launch a fundraising campaign for the maintenance of GG. It will be an equity crowdfunding model for a 10% stake in Fintecom.

The money earned will be spent on rewriting the messenger with available technologies in 2022, adding modern security and end-to-end encryption for calls and all the other things we love competing messengers for. If the money does not flow, GG . will have to be shut down. Maybe forever, because I doubt there will be someone else willing to play with the unprofitable antiquity.

Image Credit: Shutterstock

Text source: Fintecom (GG owner)

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