May 28, 2023


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Gabriel’s STAT beat has sparked a lot of reaction since Thursday: Here’s why

In STATThe radical Gabriel Lemaire, who replaced Pascal St-Cyr as DSP for a few weeks, was recently attacked by strangers.

His condition does not improve over the course of the day, and the audience wonders who is responsible for this violent act.

Thursday, il STAT, Gabrielle Lemire’s brother Justin made a gesture that greatly annoyed fans of the series. In fact, he photographed his brother motionless in a hospital bed.

This leads the audience to believe that Justin is responsible for the attack on Gabrielle. Also, the public is questioning his identity. Is he really Gabriel’s brother or impersonating him?

Since no St-Vincent employee knows their co-worker’s personal life, he can be predatory. Also, the fact that his identity is not verified by anyone disturbs the audience.

Some even theorize that it could be a journalist.

Could Jack St. Cyr be the mastermind of the attack and Justin a pawn? This is also possible according to the most vocal fans on social networks in this matter.

Remember we are on our hands Summary of the last chapter STAT, Things don’t get any better for poor Gabriel…

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