G7 summit.  The Italian press reveals: Leaders have whims

The summit of the “G7” heads of state and government, which included nearly a dozen other leaders, was organized at the elegant holiday resort of Borgo Egnazia in the province of Brindisi.

Politicians and members of delegations from different countries They occupied all the places in the entire Puglia region, including the most expensive and luxurious properties. Different things happened there – according to an Italian newspaper.

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In a five-star residence, where a delegation from an African country was staying, the carabinieri guarding the area heard knocking sounds in the middle of the night. The alarm was raised immediately. When the patrol went to check what was happening, they discovered this The president’s companions hang paintings on the walls, and he does not travel without them.

When representatives of the office of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan saw one of the most beautiful coastal properties chosen for him in Monopoli, they told the Italian organizers: “No, he won’t like that. It’s too simple.”

Where will we find 15 rooms for Erdogan now? – He asked the Carabinieri and was told: This is not our problem.

‘Entertainment’ was also provided by delegates from India, who asked the Italian hosts in a small town in Puglia about…a forest with tigers. They said so They had seen pictures of a lavish wedding in this area, and the tigers were attracting them.

Hamburger and last minute renovation of accommodation

Argentine President Javier Miley wanted a hamburgerMuch to the despair of local chefs who wanted to serve him other delicious local meat dishes.

At the last minute, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman resigned from coming to the summit, and at his request and at his expense, the residence he had rented was renovated. The windows were replaced, the courtyard was renovated, and the garden decor was changed. Now everything will be for the next guests.

In turn, a local farmer told the newspaper In the field he met a lost delegation from Mauritania who was on a bicycle trip She was unable to return to the hotel.

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