Fuel will still be cheaper.  Another barrier will be broken

Like every Friday, the e-Petrol Service publishes fuel price forecasts for the next week. I must admit that the reports are optimistic. Drivers are waiting for more cuts, and Diesel will eventually drop below the psychological limit of PLN 7.

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Average price as reported by e-petrol 95 unleaded petrol It will remain in range August 15-24 6.57-6.72 PLN. This is a significant decrease compared to last week, when PLN 6.84-7.03 PLN amounts were forecast.

The carriers will also feel a huge difference diesel. The price of this fuel will eventually drop below 7 PLN per liter (6.93 – 7.07 PLN according to e-gasoline)while last week’s forecast pointed to PLN 7.29–7.44.

Smallest drops should be expected in the case of the cheapest fuel, which is gas liquefied petroleum gas. Here, e-petrol predicts the range 3.18-3.28 PLN, Even the PLN is 0.07 less than it was last week.

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