fuel prices.  Greater Poland stands out on the Poland map

And the latest monitoring by e-petrol.pl shows that they remain at a high level oil prices It means that fuel in Poland has never been so expensive as it is today. The price of a liter of Pb95 gasoline, after an increase of two dollars, is on average 6.01 PLN. The average also grew by 0.03 PLN oil price Diesel, which is currently 6.02 PLN / liter. However, the price of self-gas rose more than others, which resulted from the exacerbation of problems with its wholesale availability. Today, LPG costs 8 cents more than it was a week ago, and it is served at stations for 3.34 PLN / liter.

Today, Wielkopolska stands out on the fuel map of Poland – the only region where the average is Gasoline price Pb95 did not exceed the level of PLN 6 and is 5.98 PLN / l.

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In this district, the lowest prices are also paid for a liter of diesel fuel – PLN 6, and the same amount of car gas sold at PLN 3.28 (the same price for this fuel is also valid in Podlasie).

Refueling “95” and diesel are the most expensive in Mazowsze and Małopolska, with a liter of 6.04 PLN and 6.05 PLN, respectively (the same price of Pb95 gasoline was also recorded by e-petrol.pl in Podlasie). LPG, whose price is PLN 3.38 / liter, is the most expensive in the Lublin region and in Świętokrzyskie county.

Average retail fuel prices in Poland
Update 2021-11-17
lead 98 6,29
lead 95 6,01
employment 602
liquefied petroleum gas 3,34

Prices in PLN / liter.

Source: e-petrol.pl / information market

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