Fuel prices at stations.  How much will we pay for fuel?  New predictions for BM Reflex, e-petrol

Reflex Brokerage House has reported that fuel prices at stations will drop further in the coming days, but that we will not return to the levels they were before the Russian invasion of Ukraine. E-Petrol analysts also expect further cuts.

Average prices at gas stations in Poland: 95 PLN unleaded gasoline – 6.67 PLN per liter, 98 PLN unleaded – 7.00 PLN, diesel – 7.43 PLN and autogas – 3.80 PLN. Urszula Cieślak of BM Reflex noted in a comment on Friday that the price of Pb95 gasoline has fallen this week by an average of 39 cents a liter, Pb 98 by 50 cents, and diesel by 51 cents. “One of the fuels that also became more expensive this week is motor fuel. Its price is 0.15 PLN higher than last week” – noted Cieślak.

“As a result of the drop in wholesale prices, fuel prices at stations will fall even more in the coming days, but we will not return to the price levels before the invasion of Ukraine,” the analyst considers.

The electronic gasoline industry portal drew attention to the recent statements of the president of PKN Orlen, Daniel Obajtek. In recent days, the head of the Pock concern announced fuel price cuts on Twitter twice. The last entry on this issue appeared on Wednesday.

According to analysts, “such a move would likely involve similar changes in competition.” “The space for such changes arose as a result of significant reductions in the wholesale market and it appears that – unless there is a clear jump in the international market – the direction of changes for gasoline may remain in a downward trend” – forecast e-gasoline.

Differences in petrol stations

According to Urszula Cieślak, the difference in individual fuel prices should decrease depending on the operator.

An analyst at BM Reflex noted that recently there have been many questions about why prices at some stations remain well above the national average. “One of the reasons for this situation is the lower station sales of fuel compared to sales in the first days after the invasion of Ukraine. At that time, the increased demand for fuel affected the speed of circulation of fuel in the station’s tanks, and each subsequent supply of fuel was much more expensive, which drove prices to Record levels “The situation has changed today,” I explained.

“Fuel prices are starting to fall, but many users and end users have full tanks,” Chilac noted. “From here today, even though prices are more favorable than on March 10th, station owners are often unable to sell a particular fuel delivery in a day or two. Today, it takes longer to sell the same amount of fuel, and this causes fuel prices to rise in the The station does not match the wholesale discounts ”- referenced by analyst BM Reflex.

Crude Oil – Quotes

On Friday, we witnessed a rise in crude oil prices on global stock exchanges. According to e-Petrol, in recent days we have been dealing with mood swings in the oil markets.

Analysts noted that “the last days in the London oil market were marked by high volatility in oil prices, which fell below $100 in the middle of the week. Crude oil prices in London on Wednesday set their lowest levels in March, dropping to $97.44.”

A barrel of Brent crude oil was worth more than $107 on Friday evening. US crude oil prices, WTI, also rose. You had to pay $105 a barrel.

“The selling in the first half of the week was mainly driven by concerns about the epidemic in China, where the first domestic restrictions limiting social mobility have emerged as cases of COVID-19 increase. Beijing’s restrictive zero-tolerance policy for the coronavirus as the next wave of the epidemic spreads It may negatively affect the demand for petroleum products. The fall in prices on oil exchanges was also boosted by reports of progress in negotiations between Ukraine and Russia, which appeared on Wednesday, “e-Petrol analysts explain.

But they stressed that “the optimism regarding this information is premature and that the statements of the Russian President in the following days do not indicate that military operations in Ukraine can end quickly.” In addition, investors in the crude oil market have learned about the updated forecast of the International Energy Agency, according to which the decrease in demand caused by an increase in prices or the situation in China will be less than the loss of supplies from Russia, and accordingly, the balance of supply and demand will be unfavorable for consumers of materials Crude Analysts said that the recovery in oil markets before the weekend, oil prices regained a large part of the losses incurred in recent days.

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