February 4, 2023


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From tomorrow, change the fuel at the stations.  Better to refuel wisely

From tomorrow, change the fuel at the stations. Better to refuel wisely

Other ONs at Distributors

polishing systems They have realized that it is summer since April 16th. At least at gas stations. On this day the transition period ends. According to Polish law From April 16, gas stations can sell summer diesel fuel. That is until April 15th Cold Filter Connection Point (CFPP) It cannot be higher than -10°C. As of April 16, the temperature may reach 0°C. what does that mean?

The CFPP parameter specifies the point at which paraffin crystals begin to precipitate from diesel fuel. This could clog the filter fuel. In such a case The engine will not start.

Course from April 16 Different stations may sell fuel with different standards. In those parts of the country where the risk of exposure to sub-zero temperatures is minimal, summer diesel fuel may appear earlier. Wherever you have to take into account the vagaries of spring weather, the intermediate fuel may flow longer from the distributors.

Therefore, a change in the regulations for fuel parameters should illuminate the warning lamp, first of all, in those drivers who They intend to go on holidays or weekends in May, for example, to the mountains. There, morning frosts are almost certain, and fuel purchased in parts of the country with a milder climate may have insufficient standards.

A lot may also depend on whether we choose a random or branded gas station. “On April 15, the transition period for diesel oil quality requirements ends. This means that from April 16, diesel oil on the market will have a cold filter blocking point (CFPP) of no more than 0 ° C. These requirements are also met with diesel oil with Winter CFPP, like Therefore, we do not replace the quality of this product on a seasonal basis with a price CFPP for ON display is generally less than 0°C– Reports the Lotos press office.

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Then the gasoline will change

April 16 is not the end of changes in fuel properties. from 1 May For gasoline, the required vapor pressure should be between 45 and 60 kPa (versus 45-90 kPa in the transition period). This parameter determines the volatility of gasoline. High vapor pressure can cause vapor locks to form in the fuel system and thus Engine throttle. Parameter too low Makes getting started hard at low temperatures. Here, specific gas stations are responsible for the parameters.

“From the 1st of May, gasoline with summer standards, that is, with a vapor pressure (VP) less than or equal to 60 kPa, should be put on the market. Some of our stations already have this product in stock – the transition period (starts from March) March)) 1) Allow trading in gasoline. The seasonal replacement of the quality of this product in the entire Lotos chain will end by the end of this month,” the Lotos press office reported.

If you are going to a place where harsher weather and cooler temperatures are expected, it is better to fill up with gas before April 16 or simply – to be sure – ask at the station for fuel parameters. Curiosity can keep you out of trouble.

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