From July 1, a fine of PLN 8,600.  Every driver has control like a bank

Penalty for not having insurance against third party liability. The system will perform an X-ray on the driver

the next Excites For drivers. This time, from July 1, those who do not insure their car will pay more. There is a certain group of motorists who are particularly vulnerable to this. Extremely cruel Penalties for not having mandatory third party liability insurance It will increase because the amount of fees charged by UFG is tied to the minimum wage. What consequences await those who fail to fulfill their obligations? Can penalties from the Insurance Guarantee Fund be avoided?

As of July 1, 2024, the penalty for not having third party liability insurance for more than 14 days is PLN 8,600, Road inspection is not required for its application. Everything happens completely automatically and without the driver’s knowledge. This is why forgetfulness, or those who deliberately evade duty, are punished in such an effective way. The system that compares records in databases managed by UFG is responsible for everything. If an item in the table lights up in red, it means that the driver has to prepare a large amount, and from July 1 even more. Who is most vulnerable to such punishment?

It involves by far the greatest chance of a costly error Those who purchased a used car with previous owner’s liability insurance. What makes this group of drivers especially cautious?

Third-party liability insurance, policy / / Maciej Lubczyński

Who will pay the fine of PLN 8,600? Lack of third-party liability insurance can be expensive

Insurance coverage always transfers to the new vehicle owner, however It does not renew automatically, as in any other case. It is the responsibility of the new owner to ensure deadlines and conclude the contract on time. To avoid risking expenses, do this before the policy’s protection period from the previous owner expires. As secondary market data show, hundreds of thousands of drivers who buy used cars on the secondary market face this situation every year.

New penalties for not having third party liability insurance. These prices will become effective from July 1, 2024

Kara from UFG It increases with the minimum wage, which is why it increases twice a year. Salary for the year. Inflation and a faster rate of increase in basic salary have caused the penalty for lack of third-party liability insurance to increase twice in recent years – in January and July. It is similar in 2024. What rates will take effect soon? The amounts may seem shocking.

The rates that passenger car drivers will face in the second half of the year are:

  • No liability insurance from 1 to 3 days – PLN 1720
  • No liability insurance from 3 to 14 days – 4300 PLN
  • No third party liability insurance for more than 14 days – PLN 8600

but this is not all. The above amounts apply to passenger car owners. However, the maximum penalty stipulated in the regulation applies to truck owners whose third party liability insurance coverage period exceeds 14 days. From July 1, 2024, the UFG will invite these perpetrators to pay a fee of PLN 12,900! For comparison, in the case of other vehicles (such as scooters, motorcycles or four-wheel drive vehicles) it will be “only” PLN 1,420.

Third-party liability insurance, policy / / Maciej Lubczyński

I received a penalty from UFG. What then?

Insurance Guarantee Fund It imposes penalties with surgical precision – it is difficult to avoid the consequences of not having third-party liability insurance. Even if we remember our obligation after a few days and purchase insurance, the data in the system will still be the basis for imposing the penalty. However, its height makes it difficult for some drivers to cover it completely in one go. What can we do if we don’t have the money to pay the fine?

When a letter arrives from UFG, it is almost certain that several thousand zlotys will “evaporate” from our wallet. This is not the end of the world, especially since we can apply for partial exemption from the penalty or Distribute its payment in installments. A difficult financial situation may somewhat mitigate the effects of forgetfulness. To have a chance at relief, an appropriate appeal must be directed to UFG. It is very important that this order reaches UFG within 30 days from the date of delivery of the payment request. If we ignore the message, UFG will not forgive us – and our lack of response will not help us. Seizure of account or property are measures that can, if necessary, Insurance Guarantee Fund He won’t back down.

Registration certificate, third party liability insurance, keys / / Maciej Lubczyński

How to appeal a penalty from UFG?

The request to UFG must indicate the reason for the fee reduction. What circumstances make punishment less likely? This includes:

  • There is an unemployed case in the labor office,
  • Court rulings or court decisions imposed on the applicant,
  • Debt certificates, installments or loans,
  • You have a child up to 25 years old who does not receive any income,
  • Retirement or disability certificate,
  • Caring for someone with a chronic illness and documented treatment costs.

It is not worth driving without third party liability insurance. Strict punishment, and in the event of an accident, a series of problems

High penalty rates It may be terrifying, but it pales in comparison to the consequences that might await us if we cause a car accident without third-party liability insurance. UFG exists to ensure that the aggrieved party in such a situation receives the benefits due. After paying the compensation, the Fund goes to the perpetrator of the crime and demands the costs. This can be reached Millions Zloty.

record quantities of this kind.”backing down“Horrifying – all it takes is for the perpetrator driving an uninsured vehicle to crash into a new car worth several hundred thousand złoty. In practice, the repair costs have to be covered out of your own pocket, but restoring the car to its previous glory or covering its value does not Something – the situation seems even worse for those who cause an accident, the consequences of which require expensive hospitalization or subsequent rehabilitation of the injured in the amounts that may be demanded from them after such an event. UFG They reach millions. Rates often lead to bankruptcy, auctioning of property, or seizure of a spouse’s property. In short, commitments become a lifelong problem.

Accident – ​​illustration /

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