Fresh juice for Brigitte Boisjoli

Brigitte Boisjoli released the second part of her album this Friday, released this winter. lie to meLast summer.

Published on all listening platforms, leave A jazzy swing piece with notable overtones of bossanova, the singer collaborated with Jean-Philippe Audet and Jay Lefebvre – the latter also produced the song.

Brigitte Boisjoly signed the text, which marked the departure of her ex-wife Jean-Philippe Audet, the father of her daughter Charlie. “This song is a side of my life, a sudden departure into another story,” he underlines in a press release accompanying the release of the piece. Departures are an integral part of all of our lives. Some are desired, others are thrust upon us. What is undeniable is that departure unites us all and is inevitable. I hope you use this text, inspired by my experience, to explore your own. »

Brigitte Boisjoly’s latest album in French, Signed by PlamondonLaunched in 2017 – his English recording Women Published in 2019. The singer also has to start her journey I am 40 years old February 10 in Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville.

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