French newspaper: NATO prepares for war. Russia targets gray areas

“Russia is targeting the alliance’s grey areas, such as space and cyberspace,” wrote Le Figaro. “American and European capabilities are not equal, and cooperation in these areas is still in its infancy,” the newspaper added.

Russia needs three or four years.

NATO’s most pessimistic estimates suggest that Russia will need three to four years to replenish its forces, which have been depleted by the war in Ukraine, the newspaper reported.

The French newspaper says, “If this period is well exploited, it will allow the Allied forces, especially the European ones, to renew their supplies. They are currently at their lowest level and insufficient to wage a long-term war.”

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Europeans will have to hold their ground.

The newspaper notes that during the Cold War, NATO was preparing for a ground invasion of the Warsaw Pact countries – a military alliance led by the Soviet Union.

“The Europeans will have to hold their ground until reinforcements arrive. Today, the West also envisages limited Russian invasions to test the resilience of the alliance, or complex operations combining traditional areas of operation with new battlefields such as cyberspace, outer space, the seabed.” Or power struggles.” – wrote Le Figaro.

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