French mayor bans rain. Clergy are supposed to help

Meteo France reported last week that in June, 20 percent increase in rainfall Compared to the same month in 1991-2020. Moreover, rainfall this year in some areas was more than double the usual rate.

“I’ve never seen weather like this in July,” said Daniel Marière, mayor of a small Normandy village called Coloncis.

– Yesterday morning, it was raining, the sky was gray and it was almost impossible to see what was happening. He added that we had to turn on the house lights.

France. Mayor “bans” rain and bad weather

The French mayor was so disliked by the rainy weather that he decided to ban it. As AFP reported, the city’s decision included a clause stating that “in August, September and October The rain should stop and be replaced by bright sunshine and a light breeze.

The official also asked the clergy to help improve the weather conditions. – Priests of the parishes of northern France are expected to contribute to this by Priority “Communication with Heaven”“They will be responsible for implementing this rule,” said Daniel Marier.

The mayor of the village, which has a population of about 227 people, heard the first comments from the residents. He told them that they were grateful to him and thanked him for taking action.

Jaukowski in “Writing on the Walls” on changes to copyright law: The Prime Minister always makes the decision independently/Polsat News/Polsat News

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