French |  "I dedicate this show to Joyce Echaquan"

Émile Bilodeau filled the main stage of the Quartier des Spectacles in Francos de Montréal on Monday evening. Together with his friends Scott-Bean Picard, Matton, Laura Niquவே and Elizabeth, the Quebec songwriter gives voice to the first nations.

Released at 7:00 p.m.

Dolphin Bellsail

Dolphin Bellsail

Emil Piloto opens his show with regional recognition. He dedicates it to Atticamek Joyce Echaquan, who died in 2020 at Joliet Hospital.

The Quebec singer-songwriter then addresses the crowd: “Have you changed in two years? And continues with the song Transformation From his latest album Small type. He delivers his big hits to the audience Enough for me, Candy, Freddie Mercury And Will you tell me. He reads some of the songs from his latest album, which was written during the plague and produced by Philip Bralt.

Scott-Pien Picard, an Innu songwriter from the community of Uashat Mak Maliotenam, was Emily Piloto’s first guest, who sang with the crowd in her native language. Adigamekv still.

  • Emily Piloto

    Photo CATHERINE LEFEBVRE, Special collaboration

    Emily Piloto

  • Elizabeth

    Photo CATHERINE LEFEBVRE, Special collaboration


  • Emil Piloto and his musicians

    Photo CATHERINE LEFEBVRE, Special collaboration

    Emil Piloto and his musicians

  • Emil Piloto and his musicians

    Photo CATHERINE LEFEBVRE, Special collaboration

    Emil Piloto and his musicians

  • Scott-Bean Picard

    Photo CATHERINE LEFEBVRE, Special collaboration

    Scott-Bean Picard

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Emil Piloto with his friends Scott-Bean Picard and Matton presented their new song which was released on June 10th. Tshe MinupunanuA text in French and Innu.

It sings a popular song Ekuen Pua By Philippe McKenzie, the first Innu to record an album where all the guests gathered on the main stage. Innu group Maten then take the torch and deliver rhythmic songs from their area, Uashat Mak Maliotenam.

The joy of returning to the festivals after two years of epidemic was felt among the audience as much as the energy of Emily Piloto. “You saved me a lot of money in psychology,” the songwriter tells his audience.

Not the “enemy”

Emil Piloto paid tribute to Joyce Echaquan and spoke in front of an audience that rallied for the first nations. “She was accepted as someone who gets enemies,” he said. Atikamekw Laura Niquay then brought the crowd into the rhythms of her culture. His last album, Vasca Maticivin, Nominated, Polaris Music Award for Best Canadian Album

Elizabeth of Salute was the last guest on stage Monday evening. She responded to Emily Piloto with her song Your old name, Co-authored with Natasha Kanapé Fontaine. This June, Elizabeth, the Tribal History Month, hosted a heartwarming eventArnac In his mother tongue.

Scott-Bean Picard, Matton, Laura Niquவே, Elizabeth and Emile Piloto gather on stage to sing the famous song of the Quebec songwriter How are you. As the audience jumped to the rhythm of the music they could hear the chorus singing loud and clear as they raised their hands in the air. When the crowd shouted Encore, Emil Piloto came back to pick up the microphone and sing. I rememberA song condemning systemic racism.

Artists from Bon Ententor, Lexil, Top.GNG and SuperPlaze were also part of the Monday night lineup. On Wednesday, June 15, Scott-Bean Picard Francois will occupy the Lotto-Quebec arena in Montreal, and Hubert Lenoir will perform on the main stage this Tuesday evening.

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