Free Immortal Diablo generates millions.  Players complain and buy microtransactions

Diablo Immortal is not only the most popular game in the Diablo world. The production is generating a lot of money, which only confirms that although some players complain about the business model of the title, many people like to spend their spare time on the servers and there are many customers who are interested in small payments.

Diablo Immortal is officially the worst-rated game in history, but Blizzard can’t really complain. In just a couple of weeks, the title made over $24 million, which is a really good result considering the ongoing campaign.

Pocket announces it Up to 43% of Diablo Immortal’s revenue comes from the United States, It is followed by South Korea (23%). 13 million out of the 24 million submitted were created by Apple device operators.

This is a great start for a position dealing with a massive wave of negative reviews, because as you can see, while some people have complained about the developers’ decisions, there are also players who take the opportunity to speed up or increase character development. Hero skills.

It’s hard to say how many millions Activision Blizzard has projected, but the company may treat Diablo Immortal as a long-term investment that will begin to yield better results in the coming months and years.

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