February 4, 2023


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Free game on Steam. It has great reviews, but you have to hurry up

Although Friday the 13th is behind us, we have to get back to the topic. There’s a game on Steam that takes the theme of the “Friday the 13th” movie series, and you can grab it for free right now. But you have to hurry.

Although we usually discourage you from rushing, this time it will be worth it. On Steam you can pick up the game for free, which, unfortunately, will soon disappear from the site. If you receive it, it will remain with you permanently, but you will not be able to purchase the production itself or its add-ons. It is about the game Friday the 13th: The Killer Mystery.

How do you claim a free game on Steam?

You must have a Steam account to claim the game. There are no restrictions or requirements here. enough Go to the game page Friday the 13th: The Killer Mystery on Steam and add it to your library for free. Game It will not be available for pickup From January 23rd, so hurry is advised. The same applies to paid add-ons, so if you like the game, feel free to purchase it.

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Currently Friday the 13th: The Killer Mystery $12.99 on Xbox, $20 on Switch, $12.99 on PlayStation Store, and free on Android and iOS.

And what is Friday the 13th: Killer Mystery?

Friday the 13th: The Killer Mystery This is amazing Puzzle game with elements of the horror world “Friday the 13th”.. Our task is to help the hero (Jason) kill all the victims who are hiding from him. To do this, we need to solve the puzzle. And while the game is based on the horror theme, it is arranged in a humorous manner. And that’s right Because it contains up to 100 levels to complete.

Players praise the game a lot Friday the 13th: The Killer MysteryEvidence of this is the very positive feedback on Steam. There are several thousand of them 93 percent of users are satisfied with the game. vanishement Friday the 13th: The Killer Mystery It would definitely be a huge loss. Remember, if you receive it or buy it from any other platform, it will stay with you forever. If not this After January 23, this will not be possible.

A word on the announcement for BlueWizard – the creators of Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle

Arkadiusz Stando, Managing Editor at Polygamia