Francois de Montreal: Marie-Annique Lepin kicks off the festivities with help from Jean-Francois Basset

Jean-François Pauzé arrived to lend a hand to Marie-Annique Lepin at Francois’ opening night on Friday, creating a tangible wave of emotion in the Place des Festivals. There was a screeching sound. Seven months after the death of Carl Tremblay, a few tears were shed by Cowboys tight ends fans.

Many of them came, Marie-Annique Lepine and fans of the Cowboys fringes flocked downtown to show their support and love for the widow of Carl Tremblay, who died last November after battling prostate cancer.

She appeared emotional — but strong — as she addressed a lavish crowd that stretched as far as the eye could see in front of a stage built on rue Jean-Mans.

“The first months, the first years, were full of little sorrows every time I experienced what he wanted. He would have been upset if he was here. He would be proud of his little blonde,” said Marie-Annique Lepin.

Attention-grabbing cowboys music

Although the evening’s poster announced performances by the singer and several other musicians, with three solo offerings to his credit, we suspected that Cowboys Fringe’s talents might occupy most of the evening’s performance.

“A little bit everywhere in Quebec, we’re going to play cowboy songs [Fringants] This summer. It would be great if I did some too,” announced Marie-Annique Lepin at the start of the show.

But the surprise was still palpable when Jean-Francois Basse came on stage to join his partner, and the fans’ cries immediately intensified. title Thank you very much – taken from the band’s latest album – took on its full meaning in the face of this sincere expression of love.

We couldn’t have found a better way to open the main stage of Franco’s site for this 35.e version, Mother Nature sweeps the festival-goers with her gentle breeze especially kindly.

Marie-Annique Lepin moved the audience after listening White hairs Then make him dance CometsThe observation is clear: to say that Carl Tremblay would have been “proud of his little blonde” would be an understatement.

  • Francos continues until June 22 at the Place des Festivals.

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