France's objection is irrelevant.  Reuters finds plans for Germany and Spain

Berlin And the Madrid They will “press for increased contacts with the Iberian Peninsula to enhance its contribution to the Iberian Peninsula.” Safety (gas) supplies for the whole of the European Union ”- explains the preliminary plan for German-Spanish cooperation on this matter.

MidCat . Building

“A building that is large enough and adapted to (transportation) hydrogen Gas pipeline across the Pyrenees By 2025 it is of paramount importance to achieving a strong EU energy market, accelerating the green transition and strengthening the EU’s strategic autonomy.”

It is against gas pipeline construction president France Emmanuel Macron.

german spanish summit

In A Coruña, during the Spanish-German summit attended by the heads of government of the two countries, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez And the consultant Olaf Schulz On Wednesday he discussed energy-related issues, incl. Medcat gas line.

During the meeting, the head of the German government supported the idea of ​​building a third gas pipeline through the Pyrenees, the so-called MidCat, connecting Spain with France.

We publicly support the construction of this gas connection – Schultz said, citing the Spaniards The mediaWhich stated that the French authorities were disassociating themselves from this project.

Anti-aircraft shield

Meanwhile, according to some Spanish media, the topic of Sanchez’s talks with Schultz could also be the issue of building a European defensive anti-aircraft shield. Although the Spanish government’s press office denied this on Wednesday afternoon, broadcast Cadena Ser revealed that Berlin had recently held talks with Madrid on the matter.

Radio Warsaw indicated that the information about “talks about this at a lower level” had already been confirmed on the air by the German ambassador to Spain, Maria Margrethe Goss.

gas pipeline suspension

The Pyrenean MidCat gas pipeline, leading from Spanish Catalonia to Le Midi, as the south of France is called, first operated in 2013, but was suspended in 2019 for environmental and economic reasons.

According to Macron, the two smaller pipelines that already existed between Spain and France are not in use even months after the start of the war in Ukraine.

hydrogen future

For Germany, MidCat will be important not only for gas transportation, but also – in the future – green hydrogenthat could flow to German factories, wrote “Handelsblatt”.

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Germany has been looking for an alternative to Russian gas, and therefore interest in the Pyrenees pipeline, which could “significantly contribute to easing the supply situation,” according to Schultz.

Author: Marcin Zatica

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