June 9, 2023


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France: Ski resorts save energy.  Provide ways

France: Ski resorts save energy. Provide ways

As winter approaches, so do ski trips, but the energy crunch is also hitting ski resorts. Resort managers in the French Alps are trying to find ways to save energy. According to Reuters, this is done within the framework of National measures to reduce energy consumption.

In the French tourist city of Chamonix Mont Blanc – also called Chamonix – Ski lifts must operate at 10 percent capacity. Slower if not so crowded. However, if the resort receives information that the electricity supply cannot meet the demand, the elevators will be slowed down by 30%.

Moreover, she chose several ski resorts, including Chamonix and Val Thorens Reducing artificial snow production. Reuters quoted officials as saying that heating in buildings will also decrease.

What else has Val Thorens decided to do besides reduce snowfall on the slopes? Maintenance and restaurant staff will be moved to their workplaces about 10 minutes before the slopes open – instead of about an hour as before – so the elevators are not running nearly empty.

– These will be the measures Invisible and painless to visitors. Reuters quoted Benjamin Blanc, director of Les 3 Vallees, which owns Val Thorens, as saying that the aim is to ensure that they are not affected by the power outage.

“We are mountain people,” said Jerome Grillet, president of Val Thorens Ski Lifts, adding, “Our motto is that We always get out of difficult situations And so it will be this time, because we will adapt.

Half of all ski resorts are preparing for much higher electricity bills. For this reason, long-term electricity contracts have been renegotiated. Fees may be three to six times higher than in previous years, notes Alexandre Moulin, who heads the Federation of French Ski Resorts.

The man also added that ticket prices will rise by about five percent, but this will not cover all the higher operating costs.

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