France is betting on Quebecer at Eurovision

Quebec singer La Zarra has been chosen to represent France at the prestigious Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool in May.

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The news was announced at a press conference in Paris on Thursday.

La Jarrah, whose real name is Fatima Jarrah Hafti, joined Light City, was visibly happy, but more than 250 million watched the weight that rested on the shoulders of the tricolor performers during the tournament. The audience..

“There are high expectations. I was touched, but it is a big responsibility, there is a lot of stress,” she admits.

It’s the first time since New Brunswicker Natasha St-Pierre was selected in 2001 that France, which last won Eurovision since 1977, has put so much faith in a Canadian artist. La Zarra became the first Quebecer to carry the trust of the French people.

Natasha St-Pierre

Doma ICZKovits/QMI Agency

Natasha St-Pierre

Switzerland, for its part, invited Quebecers Celine Dion, Grand Champion in 1988, and Annie Cotton, who finished third at Eurovision in 1993.

A French cliché

Still little known in Quebec, La Zarra, who was a finalist at the last ADISQ Gala in the Newcomer of the Year category, has been much talked about in France since the release of her debut album. TreacheryAnd especially his song you will be goneIt has amassed over twenty million plays on Spotify.

According to the singer, Alexandra Red-Amiel, head of the French delegation to Eurovision, dated him for two years.

“I wasn’t ready. I was making my first album, it would take a lot of time and I couldn’t give the Eurovision adventure two weeks.

When Alexandra Redde-Amiel returned a few months ago, La Zarra was ready. Apart from that, he was also omitted from the national level examination. She just had to say yes.

La Zarra

Quebec newspaper

La Zarra

“It’s a decision I don’t take lightly, because it can either be wonderful or it can be disastrous for me. Alexandra Rette really fell in love with my character. I quote her as saying that she found there a French cliché that other countries expect from France.

Amazing song

Even though Eurovision will be held in four months, preparations are already underway. The same people who composed the music, with the help of his collaborators Benny Adam and Banks & Ranks you will be gone With him, La Zarra works to refine the original song so that he can impress the jury and the audience.

“We managed to create an amazing song. “There’s a mix of genres like on my album, and there’s a musical side that I haven’t explored”, La Zarra said, indicating that he was well aware of the benefits of such a showcase for his budding career.

“All the artists who made Eurovision had a drive in their lives. It was very easy for my record company to fill rooms and market.

So the singer will spend all her time in Europe with Eurovision. She plans to return to Quebec to give concerts at the end of the year.

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