More than 200,000 new infections in France

On Sunday, January 16, after two weeks of heated discussions, the French National Assembly, that is, the lower house of Parliament, passed a law on the transformation of the so-called health passport into the so-called vaccine passport. The document gives “additional rights” to people who have been vaccinated against COVID-19.

The law was adopted by 215 votes to 58 against. 7 deputies abstained from voting. This is the end of a long and heated parliamentary debate on the “Strengthening Health Crisis Management Tools and Amending the Public Health Law” law.

After the new regulation enters into force, the so-called health passport will be replaced by the so-called Vaccine passport It authorizes, among other things, the use of restaurants, bars, theaters or long-distance public transportation. This means that sending a negative result for a coronavirus test is no longer sufficient in France to reach these places and public services.

Stefanik: ‘Vaccine duty by a different name’

Zbigniew Stafanik, a Polish media correspondent in France, said Tuesday in an interview with WNET Radio, that the document dates back to those who have taken three doses of the COVID vaccine or a certificate of illness, but not older than six months.

The journalist explained that the “vaccination passport” will apply to people over 16 years old. Children between the ages of 12 and 15 will still be required to present a valid ‘Health Passport’.

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