France and the UK offer tests for travelers from China.  WHO demands the truth |  world News

Previously, the obligation to have a negative COVID-19 test for travelers from China was imposed by the United States, Spain, South Korea and India, ItaliaJapan and Taiwan.

France will require travelers arriving from China to present a negative test result taken at least 48 hours before departure, the French Ministry of Health, citing France24, said. The test will be required for direct flights from China and connecting flights. travelers Planes Those arriving from China will also have to wear masks.

Passengers arriving in England from China will have to present a negative test before boarding airplane.

European Union countries have not yet agreed on a unified approach to the rules for travel from China. German authorities, for example, said on Friday that they see no need for routine checks.

Poland has not decided on the restrictions yet. We asked questions about further procedures, among others: to Chopin Airport, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Health and the head of the Sanitary Inspection. So far, only the airport press office has responded. More in this text:

Passengers board a flight from Guangzhou, China, at Leonardo da Vinci Airport in Rome Photo. Alessandra Tarantino/AP Photo

China cancels “zero covid” policy. Full hospitals

China has opened its borders despite recording a record number of coronavirus infections after November protests against the government’s handling of the pandemic. Previously, China’s “zero COVID” policy was one of the world’s strongest anti-virus regimes.

It included a strict lockdown even if only a few cases were detected, mass testing in places where cases were reported, and the need to isolate patients at home. Now the lockdown and quarantine has been lifted and people can travel abroad again. As the media has confirmed – Air China will certainly be the beneficiary here, but what about the spread of the disease?

Since the restrictions were lifted, the number of cases in China has skyrocketed, with the Chinese government reporting nearly 5,000 cases. Cases per day, according to the BBC. However, he also cites analysts who say those numbers are grossly underestimated, and the daily number of cases could be closer to a million.

Officially, only 13 coronavirus deaths were recorded in December. On December 29 and 30, China reported just one death each of those days, bringing the total death toll to 5,248. British health data analysis company Airfinity said Thursday that according to its calculations, about 9,000 people die every day in China due to COVID-19. People.

British MP Tobias Ellwood, stressing the need for restrictions at British airports, bluntly told Sky News: – We simply cannot trust data from China.

Medical staff wait for passengers on a flight from Guangzhou to RomeMedical staff wait for passengers on a flight from Guangzhou to Rome Photo. Alessandra Tarantino/AP Photo

WHO requests reliable data from China

Who is the It therefore calls on China to provide reliable and honest data reporting and “regularly provide specific real-time data on the epidemiological situation.” Organization officials say they want to see more data on hospitalizations, intensive care admissions and deaths, as well as on vaccinations.

The agency said it was ready to provide support to China. She also stressed “the importance of timely monitoring and data release to help China and the global community formulate accurate risk assessments and inform effective responses.”

The WHO Technical Advisory Group on Coronavirus will meet on Tuesday. The agency says it has invited Chinese scientists to provide details of the sequence viruses.

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