France: An Iranian refugee died.  Was the inspiration for the movie “Terminal”

Nazareth died of a heart attack At Terminal 2F around noon.

Nasseri, 80, first lived in Building 1 from 1988 to 2006 Due to the lack of documents confirming refugee status, After obtaining the right of residence in France, By choice. He slept on a red plastic bench and took a shower in the break rooms. He spent his days writing diaries, reading magazines, and talking to travelers and employees.

The crew dubbed him Lord Alfred and the Nasiri eventually became a celebrity among the passengers.

– I’ll leave the airport eventually, but I’m still waiting for my passport or transit visa – The AP said in 1999, smoking a pipe on a bench.

This was claimed by those who made friends with Nasser at the airport The years of his life at the station left an imprint on his mental state.

A doctor at the airport in the ’90s. He was worried about his physical and mental health (…). A fellow ticket seller compared him to a prisoner unable to “live abroad” – describes the Associated Press.

His history was the inspiration for creating, among other things, the Spielberg film “Lounge” from 2004 with Tom Hanks championship.

In the last weeks of life Returned to the airport.

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