January 27, 2023


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Fourth wave of coronavirus in eastern Greater Poland

Fourth wave of coronavirus in eastern Greater Poland

More than 2,300 cases of coronavirus have been reported in the entire Greater Poland region, including 181 people living in eastern Greater Poland.

Today, 28,128 cases of SARS-CoV-2 have been reported in Poland, and 497 people have died. Wielkopolska is ahead in terms of incidence (there are more only in the Mazowieckie, Śląskie and Małopolskie regions). Research has confirmed the presence of the coronavirus in 2,309 people and 27 people have died. On the other hand, 67,425 people are in quarantine in the entire Greater Poland Province, and 8,569 tests have been carried out.

The largest number of infections, 66, has been confirmed in Konin with deaths. One person died here. There are 2,097 people in quarantine, and health facilities have conducted 193 examinations. Konin, in turn, means 35 new cases and 3 deaths (1 person died from COVID-19, 2 from coexisting diseases with COVID-19). There are currently 1,025 people in quarantine, and 115 tests have been conducted.

As for the neighboring regions, 41 cases of coronavirus were found in the Soopka region, with deaths, and 955 people are in quarantine. And in the Kula region, there were deaths, 20 injuries were recorded, 1081 people were in quarantine, and in the Turkish buffets 19 people were infected with the disease (one died), and 777 people are under quarantine.

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