Fourteenth retirement.  It’s payday for the 14th birthday

During its meeting on Tuesday, the government approved a list specifying the month in which the so-called fourteenth pension will be disbursed. The previous draft indicated that – just as last year – the “fourteenth” payment month would be September.

The law of May 26, 2023 stipulates that the full amount of the “fourteenth pension” will be at least the minimum pension amount, which applies from March 1 of the year in which the next additional annual cash benefit is paid. However, the regulations stipulate the possibility of specifying a higher amount for what is called the fourteenth pension.

The Council of Ministers may, no later than October 31 of any year, determine this by regulation.

Draft date for disbursement of the fourteenth pension

Fourteenth retirement

The basic amount of PLN 14 is paid to people with pensions totaling PLN 2,900. The above principle applies: “one zloty for one zloty”.

In 2023, the 14th pension would amount to a total of PLN 2,650 for people who received benefits totaling PLN 2,900. In addition to income tax, the “fourteen” is also free from any other deductions, for example from bailiffs’ confiscations. It is also not included in income when applying for social assistance or alimony.

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