Four new episodes: “A Boy, a Girl” is always so much fun

Sylvie and Guy are getting older, but they’re still fun in the new episodesA boy is a girl. How loving they are when they leave us in their sixties, actively (albeit in bed) when they adopt a girl from Asia and discover Sylvie is pregnant.

Twenty years later, the two kids are ready to fly on their own, at least for Camille (Anyjeanne Savaria), an LGBTQ+ activist studying at Sherbrooke, because Charles (Jean-Christophe Leblanc) is making himself a tango. However, Sylvie (Sylvie Leonard) and Guy (Guy A. LePage) find that their suburban home is now too big and they want to move back to the city.

The magic works just like in the good old daysA boy is a girl With two new episodes watched on Wednesday, there are four in total. This “gift” to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Quebec comedy – mostly adapted abroad – is very funny and very fast-paced, every half hour going by very fast.

Four new chapters:

Photo courtesy of Radio-Canada

Music by Gaëtan Essiambre, as Guy A. Lepage reminds us, is the third character in the series he co-directs with Jean-Francois Fontaine. host Everyone is talking about it And his wife, Melanie Campo, is producing the whole thing.

We added rhythm to the whole thing without breaking the codes of the original production that aired on Radio-Canada from 1997 to 2003. Blocks “because we had to put everything we did into context,” said Guy A. LePage says.

Without wanting to divulge too much, let’s just say erectile dysfunction, DIX30, difficulty parking on plateaus, the wrong gender, inheritance, gastric reflux, a smart watch that manages everything, and a doctorate in sexology from Sylvia.

The couple has something to say as they prepare to relocate to Montreal, which is modern and has changed a lot. “I wanted it to be a modern couple, yes it’s funny, because even we, in life, are not born with the same tools as young people. But there is a modernity in the subject that I wanted,” said Sylvie Leonard, who supported Guy A. LePage in writing, Melanie Campo. , such as Pascal Lavoie and Martin Petit.

Four new chapters:

Photo courtesy of Radio-Canada

Avenue du Mont-Royal, the avenue du Mont-Royal, where the scenes were filmed last summer in front of people, for whom a ready-made answer was prepared so that they would not hear about their return.A boy is a girl: Sylvie and Guy shoot a sketch for the show Please do not send flowers by Patrice L’Ecuyer!

Other well-known characters have been worn by Daniel Pryor, Genevieve Brouillet, Elise Guilbault, Pierre Lebeau, Mahé Payment, Martin Petit and Louis Richer. Also part of this version 2.0 are Nathalie Breuer, Normand Helms and Franz Parent who return in different roles from episode to episode.

Sylvie Leonard’s daughter, Camille Leonard, plays Ma, the blonde daughter of Sylvie and Guy. And, of course, there are many flash appearances by Isabelle Broulet, Roger Broulet, Hugolin Chevret, Simon Lacroix and Caroline Néron.

As of now, we don’t know if there will be any more episodes after these four new episodes. Guy A said that the decision rests with the broadcaster and the public. said LePage, who revealed that a dozen adaptations around the world are still in production. Yes, in France, many of them believe that this concept belongs to them, but no, it is actually Quebecois.

Starting March 9, ICI TOU.TV EXTRA will have one episode every week. Fans who don’t want to pay don’t have to wait long because the broadcast is delivered in box STATMonday through Thursday, starting April 24 at 7 p.m.

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