Found "fossils" of the oldest galaxy!  Everything happened by chance.  How is this possible?

British scientists from the University of Surrey, inadvertently, discovered one of the first galaxies that could have formed in the early universe. They reported their discovery in an article published in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

“fossil”Popular researchers also talk about this galaxy, it was recognized while searching for older images of the universe using the 4-meter Maya telescope. In addition, it turns out that the very faint galaxy is located on the fringes of the Andromeda Galaxy.

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The discovery was made in collaboration with other research agencies: NSF NOIRLab and z Gemini International Observatory.

Dr. Michelle Collinsa researcher from University of Surreys He is surprised:

We found a very faint new galaxy whose stars formed very early in the history of the universe. The discovery is the first time such a faint galaxy has been found around Andromeda in a search focused on something else entirely.

Cosmic “fossil”. This galaxy remembers the origins of the universe

The discovered galaxy is named V Pegasus. Scientists had a real problem recognizing them, because such objects have stars that are very dimly lit, so measuring the distance between the galaxy and the Earth is difficult.

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Extremely faint dwarf galaxies are still some of the lesser-known space objects. However, the trend in current science means that more and more astronomical observatories will focus on searching for and studying these unusual objects.

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