Forza Horizon 5 enters Series 12 with the Road Trip update
September 13, 2022, 20:07

Forza Horizon 5 got seven cars last month, and you’ll only get five. However, this is not bad news, because there are three completely new models (recently there were two). Even worse, Playground Games doesn’t equip many attractions apart from that….

Source: Playground Games.

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In recent days, it seemed for a moment that the gears of the festival playlist system are in the game Forza Horizon 5They still run like clockwork, they can wear out and stand up. This is due to the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the resulting mourning that is expected to continue in Britain until September 19.

But Playground Games Studio hasn’t been able to tie their hands for ten days and regular broadcast Monthly Forza, which was originally scheduled for last Thursday, has been postponed by just four days. Thus, the developer made the presentation News for the next four weeks before take off Series 12. (officially no longer numbered), retracts – according to the descending schedule – for next Thursday, September 15.

Series 12 will focus on racing

The new series is called Road Trip. in the meantime Each season (read: the week), the festival playlist revolves around a different type of racing (first road, then off-road, street, and finally gravel), and tournaments will be the first among the activities prepared. New here will be “endurance” competitions, i.e. consisting of five rounds instead of the usual three or taking into account the longest routes in the game (eg Goliath, that is, a loop around the entire map).

FH5 will get 5 new cars in September

It will be the biggest attraction of Series 12, of course Cars added to the game for free. We’ll get five of them. It’s 2 times less than last month, but they will be included in that number Three new models (Two recovered from FH4) while there were recently only two (and five that have been restored). Here is the list:

  1. 2021 Audi RS e-tron GT – first novelty, a prize for collecting 80 points of activity on festival playlists throughout the series (September 15 to October 13);
  2. 1991 Bentley Turbo R – 20 pts in the Summer Playly (September 15-22);
  3. 2021 Audi RS 7 Sportback – second novelty, prize for 20 points. In the fall playlist (September 22-29);
  4. 2021 Lynk & Co 03+ – Third novelty, prize for 20 points in the Winter Playlist (September 29 – October 6);
  5. 2018 Nissan Sentra Nismo – 20 Points Prize in the Spring Plalist (6-13 October).
Forza Horizon 5 with the new update tries to prove that less is better [Aktualizacja] Illustration #1

Audi RS e-tron GT – the star of the 12th series. Interestingly, this car made its way in June with a film presenting the technological innovations of the upcoming eighth installment of the Forza Motorsport series.

Series 12 won’t bring much more

Although the road trip will start the day after tomorrow, We will have an update today (afternoon)which will bring a handful of other novelties to the game:

  1. Two bodykits not available before (Extended replacement bodies) – one for Hyundai Veloster N from 2019 and one for Volkswagen Golf R from 2010. If you’ve been disappointed with this selection of cars, you might be happy to hear that we’ll be getting more of these parts for future tuning;
  2. Additional costumes and a new type of personalization item: hearing aids and cochlear implants (in different colors);
  3. A handful of bug fixes, including with performance on Radeon RX 6000 graphics cards, progression through the weekly Forzathon challenges and unlocking Accolades.

Series 13 promises to be even more interesting

As was the case in this game, the first, more modest update may portend that the second will become even richer in attractions. There are many indications that this will also be the case this time. In the upcoming series, which will start on October 13, Playground Games plans to celebrate the series’ 10th anniversary Forza Horizon. How? We don’t know, every detail is shrouded in mystery – and that makes us expect something really interesting. We hope we are not disappointed.

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Forza Horizon 5 is available on Game Pass, which you can buy here


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