March 21, 2023


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Forspoken Action RPG is lagging behind

Forspoken Action RPG is lagging behind

March 7, 2022, 18:09

Luminous Productions has announced the postponement of Forspoken. The title won’t reach our hands until October.

It was supposed to go on sale at the end of May foresbookRPG by Luminous Productions. As it turns out, production will not debut on the originally scheduled date. creators announcedThe title has been delayed and will be released on October 11 this year.

Forspoken Action RPG Late - Illustration #1


Rumors spread about the postponement of the premiere earlier. At the beginning of March about the possibility of a delay looking at The account became popular due to the publication of drawings from Star Wars: Eclipse A few days before the official announcement of the game. As you can see, and in this case, he was practically absolutely right. It just confused the way it was announced.

Participate foresbook It was in the land of Athea. The place continued to thrive until the plague known as Brik struck it. It turned people and animals into aggressive creatures. We will play the role of Frey Holland – a woman who has mysteriously moved to this world from modern New York. To discover how you got there, the protagonist must deal with the plague.

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