“Forrest Gump” with Tom Hanks is 30 years old. In 2024 I watched it for the first time

Forrest Gump is 30 years old. The movie with Tom Hanks is a timeless story

You probably know the phrase “Run Forrest, run” (in Polish: “run Forrest, run”). I knew it too, and even more so because I heard that voice from the movie. I admit that I only saw a few individual scenes of this production with Tom Hanks in the lead role and I was never captivated enough to watch the whole thing.

Today, “Forrest Gump” celebrates its 30th anniversary. The production premiered on July 6, 1994. Although it was not a huge success, the fact that 30 years ago no one would have predicted that this story would be relevant and necessary today is impressive.

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forrest gump

intolerance and intolerance

I can describe the story of Forrest Gump in one sentence: “The sky is the limit.” It is a story of intolerance and intolerance, but also a great force of determination and courage. It is sad that 30 years after the premiere of this production, I will write that this film is still relevant and necessary… Unfortunately, it is very much so.

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