“Forrest Gump” turns 30 today!  What might you not know about him?

The story of a simple boy from Alabama, Forrest Gump, has grossed more than $677 million and continues to capture the hearts of viewers around the world to this day.

The movie was made Based on the 1986 novel by Winston Groom With the same address. The plot presents the events of post-war America in a humorous and sensitive way, of which the title character unwittingly becomes a part.

Tom Hanks played the lead role, although as it turned out, it was not his creators who chose him first. The novel’s author, John Goodman, suggested it, while director Robert Zemeckis tried to get Bill Paxton involved in the project. The movie studio had a different opinion and thought the character should be played by a bigger, more famous star. Bill Murray, Chevy Chase and John Travolta were consideredwho ultimately rejected the proposal.

The exposition sequence in the film is still considered one of the most important and famous scenes. So this may be surprising Paramount Pictures insisted on dropping it!

They explained the decision by saying that it was very expensive and time-consuming, and that they wanted to meet all deadlines. finally The recording of this part was financed by the director and the main actor himself.

It has also been shown to be useful when filming running scenes Doppler Hanks, his younger brother Jim, who is also developing his acting career. Obviously no one could imitate Tom’s movements as well as he did.

The seat is crucial to the film. Forrest Gump sits on it, telling stories to strangers from the past that we can travel together. Hanks did not fully understand the significance of the clips filmed there and considered them unnecessary. It was also not entirely clear whether they would be included in the final cut of the film. Today, when thinking about this production, it’s hard to imagine what the whole thing would look like without them.

Initially, the bench was located in a park in Savannah (Georgia). now You can see it in the History Museumlocated in this city.

The film’s screenwriter, Eric Roth, dates back to 2001 He presented several ideas to the director for a potential sequel. The format was intended to refer to the first part; Gump participated in many important world events, where he met people who were key to history.

Unfortunately, not for long After their first conversation, the tragic September attack occurred for America. Together they came to the conclusion that after this situation, there would be no sense in continuing the film.

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